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I’m awake subconsciously, deciphering enigmatic transparencies into visions that manifest before me day and night. Even with my eyes closed, I see two worlds dangling at the age of existence awaiting the daily conception of life’s struggles and challenges. I always push past the boundaries of my reality to avoid the empty abyss. This fusion of emotions surpasses each neuron, branching out into ruptures of thought and newfound worlds and discoveries to create substance in the narrative of every second, minute, and hour that extends beyond time and space. With every step forward, I ascend to realize myself in the miraculous creations that surrounds me as I feel the elation of my existence. Every miraculous encounter with humanity expands a spiritual force beyond my understanding. A connection understood beyond that which I know to be. It has a greater depth that it is sensed to be perceived with the vastness of a quantum deliverance that I always try to understand.